February 6, 2017

Generative Photoshop Actions

For me the most tedious and time sucking things in Photoshop are generative stuff. By generative I mean, where Photoshop generates effects, shapes or graphics for you. Like dispersion effects or fire/water kind of effects.

This is a list of great Generative Actions for Photoshop.

Photoshop Actions
September 7, 2016

Best 7 Online Adwords Courses under $20

A list of online Google Adwords courses that will help you to become an adwords master. We also provide coupons from time to time for special discounts.
Online Adwords courses
February 5, 2016

Best Selections of 50+ Coffee Shop Graphics and Resources

Whenever I need some graphics about coffee or coffee shops I dive into an ocean of coffee related graphics and spend way too much time. I decided to create a list of good works related to this topic. I'll keep updating it with new additions.
This is the ultimate coffee related graphics and resources post. Can you smell the nutty flavour?
January 27, 2016

Best Movie Poster Designs of 100 years – Part two (1930 -1949)

1930's and 1940's are the period of transition in Hollywood and the world cinema. Silent movies are becoming Talkies, black and white are becoming Technicolor and posters are changing from painting-like-artworks to chaotic advertising pieces.
Welcome to the decades of WWII, cheesy posters, great movies and giant artists.
January 17, 2016

Best Movie Poster Designs of 100 years – Part one (1910 -1929)

Movie posters are here with us since the early days of the silver screen. They not only remind us of the movies we love, some also are great pieces of artwork that you'd want on your wall.
In this series of posts, I'm sharing some of the best movie posters that I've filtered among hundreds of classic and new designs from the beginning of the 19th century. Please keep in mind that every period has their own style, while choosing these selections I considered the best applications of universal design principles and the best examples of the popular styles of that era. Every period had some designs that were artistically superior than the majority. Let's start!