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Best Movie Poster Designs of 100 years - Part two (1930 -1949) - Honeyguide

Best Movie Poster Designs of 100 years – Part two (1930 -1949)

The beginning of 1930’s mark a point in film poster designs, [highlight background=”yellow” color=”black”]”in a bad way”[/highlight]. Honestly, it was really hard to find a notable piece from this decade.
It might be the war years, maybe great poster artists left their posts to defend other posts or the changing content of the movies. This period produced a lot of comedies probably to lighten public morals. But it’s hard to understand why poster art degenerated. Awfully simple cartoon like illustrations, sloppy types, no sense of layout or grid, no usage of whitespace. And they were all obsessed with slanted copy.

The biggest movie of this decade is undoubtedly “Gone with the Wind” and look at it’s poster


Here are some other bad examples of this period. So you can appreciate a few that I selected after these.


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